For those who lack the company and support
The coworking idea usually addresses independent workers (freelancers, entrepreneurs, advanced students) who lack the community and support associated with traditional jobs. Coworking also helps those who are easily distracted and stop concentrating on their business goals, yet they do not want to give up their independence and creative vision and work for someone else.
For those who could work from home, but ...
Coworking centers are often a welcome solution for people who can work from home, but it is hard for them to separate time from time to time for family or often stop pursuing goals, miss out on procrastination and fill their days with other than working activities.
For startups, well-established companies, digital nomads, students, writers
It is also suitable for start-ups or employees of companies that start their business and want to work quickly and efficiently even for established companies looking for space for their meetings in the center of Prague, for digital nomads, students or writers who simply need a better place to work than a room at home or a café.
Coworking helps freelancers overcome problems
Even if they are your own boss and can work from anywhere and whenever there are certainly great benefits, independent workers have to face many challenges. Their offices, if any, are often not as equipped and professional as they would need. In addition, freelancers often experience feelings of isolation or psychological imbalances. They may lack some specialized knowledge or expertise that their colleague could do in a classy job during a while. They can also fight how to break the boundaries between personal and working life, or have problems setting up and observing the daily working regime. One reason for setting up coworking centers was just to help independent workers overcome these difficulties.
Coworking Is Great For: 

Independent Workers:
  • Coworking often appealed to independent workers (freelancers, entrepreneurs, advanced students, etc.) who lack the community and support that comes hand in hand with traditional workplaces 
  • Advanced students and writers who need a better place to work than a home office or cafe.
  • Those who find themselves easily distracted or lose focus on their work-related goals, but who do not want to give up their independence and creative vision by going to work for someone else 
Start-Ups or Established Companies:
  • For companies and employees of companies that are just starting out and want to get set up quickly and efficiently
  • For established companies looking for a meeting space or workspace in the center of Prague 
Addressing Challenges:
  • Independent worker's offices, if they exist, often are not as professional or reliable as would be ideal. 
  • Those who often feel socially isolated or simply stir crazy. 
  • Those who may lack the specialized knowledge or expertise that colleagues at a standard 9-5 job would be able to answer at a moment's notice. 
  • Those who may struggle to set clear boundaries between work and other responsibilities (ie, with the ability to keep focus and avoid procrastinating that often comes with setting your own work schedule).